Drilling is
b o o ring.

The World’s First, Single Trip, Multi Motor, Downhole Powered, Casing Drilling Tool.

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Our Technology


A world first, our #GameChanger.

A Level 5, Single Trip, Multi Motor, Downhole Powered, Casing Drilling Tool — a powerful, simple-to-integrate asset that offers unprecedented efficiency, reduced overheads, significant carbon reduction and more opportunities than ever before.

Challenging wells become easy to drill, separate processes are combined, huge savings to cost and timescales are made on every single well.

Xavage X Drill
Key Features and Benefits
  • Up to 15,000 ft/lbs torque at shoe
  • No trip out components
  • Multiple Configuration of Motors to Suit Application and Budget
  • Sizes to suit 20", 13 3/8" and 9 5/8" casing sections
  • In-House Designed Shoes Matched to Application
  • Zero Parts to Drill Out (Other Than The Shoe Itself)
Hardware render closeup

Motors are housed
inside stabiliser blades
Patent Protected.

The team


In a risk-averse market, we’re unafraid to take the first steps. We learn from the old ways and forge the new ones — taking inspiration from everyday engineering and applying it at scale, with the utmost precision.

Alan Phillips - Founder

Alan Phillips

Matias Garza - Engineering Manager

Matias Garza

Engineering Manager

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Contingency sections through trouble zones


Casing thread integrity


Casing is run to depth


Sections with Casing Drilling technology